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Donate to our 76 Trombones Campaign

Help us reach our goal of 76 donors of $76 (or more)
before our annual meeting August 12th!
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"Putting the Upper Valley on-stage since 1973"

For over 50 years, NCCT has been producing high-quality community theater showcasing the talents of your Upper Valley friends and family. We intend to keep doing so long into the future.

"NCCT gives me a chance to stretch my creative muscles and meet lots of wonderful theatre nerds like me!"
 Mary Gaetz
NCCT logo faces
NCCT logo faces
"NCCT is love, laughter, and community. The friendships forged while learning to twirl last a lifetime.”
Margaret Hunton
NCCT logo faces
"It's like summer camp for grown-ups!"
Amy Fortier
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Creating opportunities for high school students on-stage and off since 1994

For over 30 years NCCT has been channeling the tremendous energy, commitment, and talent of local youth to entertain the Upper Valley and beyond. We provide a unique space in which teens from across the Upper Valley and beyond can join together in a cooperative and non-competitive atmosphere.

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Support NCCT Today

Producing community theater is a labor of love. Unfortunately, that labor doesn't come cheap. With annual production costs of more than $80,000, we need your help to keep our ticket prices affordable for the community we serve. Before the first note is played, the first step is danced, or the first ticket is sold we’ve already committed thousands of dollars to bring our productions to life. Your contribution puts the words in our mouths, the moves in our feet, and the songs in our hearts.


Help us keep bringing the gift of theater to the Upper Valley.

Stay up to date on the latest NCCT news!
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