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Teen Program Mission

NCCT Teens is a branch of North Country Community Theatre (NCCT), a non-profit organization that has been producing community theater since 1973. In 1994, NCCT launched its first teen production of Tom Sawyer, with thirty area youth on stage. Since that auspicious beginning, NCCT has produced a teen musical show each winter with 40 – 60 teens from up to thirteen area high schools routinely participating in all aspects of the production, from set design to on-stage acting.

We are proud of the commitment that NCCT has made to fostering a healthy teen community in the Upper Valley. Through the NCCT Teens program, we support our teens in the following:

Developing Cross Cultural Understanding

NCCT provides a unique venue in which teens from across the Upper Valley can join together in a cooperative and non-competitive atmosphere. As a result the teens get to know each other as individuals, learn to break down stereotypes that may exist through school rivalries, and forge friendships across geographic boundaries.​


Fostering Arts Education


Adults with expertise in technical theater mentor the teens enabling them to take charge of many technical aspects of the shows, such as operating the light and sound system, or stage-managing the productions. Several of our graduates have gone on to study various aspects of theater at the professional level and have remarked upon the solid grounding in skills they received during their years with NCCT.​


Refining Leadership Skills


The annual Teen Production is organized by the NCCT Teen Governance Group (TGG), with mentoring from the adult board. The TGG, which is elected each year by the teen members of NCCT, is faced with the yearly task of choosing a show, creating a budget, suggesting staffing options, and designing and running fundraising activities. We hope that this leadership experience will inspire them to become board members of arts councils in their adult lives.​


Providing a Substance Free Environment


Each member of the NCCT Teen Board and Teen Production signs a drug- and alcohol-free pledge. This pledge requires that all participants in NCCT productions will remain substance free during the duration of rehearsals and productions. 


​Granting Scholarship Support


Each year NCCT awards two $500 scholarships to graduating teens, the Hetty Thomae Youth Scholarship for teens planning to major in theatrical arts or music, and the Ellen Wilber Scholarship for teens planning to major in music, music education, or a music-related field.​


1994 Tom Sawyer
2012 Music Man
2024 Legally Blonde

NCCT does so much more than just provide an entertaining theater experience for the entire community. Through NCCT Teens we seek to foster growth, development, and responsibility within our teen membership while having lots of fun at the same time!

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