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Mia Sentman

A Scientist turned dance mom of 3 girls in 2003, she got a taste of theater when her daughters first joined the NCCT teen productions in 2016. After years of greenroom teen sitting and dabbling in hair and costume support, she finally took the leap and offered her services as a costume and hair designer for Lebanon High School productions in 2021, adding up to 8 productions to date. She also joined the NCCT Teen group as a Teen Advisor the same year. Her focus is to help actors, especially teenagers, feel confident and comfortable both onstage and off. Being involved with this group of amazing people is a balm to the soul and an inspiration every day. So grateful to be welcomed on the board this year, she can’t wait to help make the magic of community theater happen. 

Productions: Costumer/Hair Designer – 9 to 5 (2023), Costumer - Legally Blonde, teen production (2024)

Mia Sentman
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