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Legally Blonde Production Staff

Production Staff

  1. Director: Lanni Luce West

  2. Choreographer: Susan Lamontagne

  3. Music Director: Jane Woods

  4. Production Manager: Amye Mason

  5. Assistant Production Manager: Amy Roy

  6. Ad Sales/Graphic Designer: Amy Fortier

  7. Costume Designer: Mia Sentman

  8. Hair Designer: Kristen Chapman

  9. Lighting Designer: Sage Weber-Shirk

  10. Make-Up Designer: Jamie Ellis

  11. Props Coordinator: Emma Hadden

  12. Assistant Props Coordinator: Julie Davis

  13. Set Design: Firefly Landing, LLC

  14. Sound Design: Seth Stoddard

  15. Stage Manager: Isabel Taxman

  16. Assistant Stage Manager: Molly Fournier

  17. Technical Director: TBD

To learn more about what our Production Staff positions entail, visit our Job Descriptions page.

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