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Miscast Cabaret

This production was created in 2020 response to Covid-19 and the cancellation of our summer production. We recorded it at Briggs Opera House in a socially distanced manner. Watch the cabaret HERE.

Special Thanks to:

Briggs Opera House Dan Drye of Roll Films, LLC Craig Mowery

Director: Lanni Luce West Accompanist: Gerry Grimo Production Manager: Beth Zuttermeister Sound and Lights: Emma Hadden and Ken Munsey Technical Director: Clif Rogers

Performers (in alphabetical order):  Paul Barker, Mark Boutwell, Loida Boy, Constance Bryan, Taylor Burgess, Andrew Carmichael, Elizabeth Chambers, Mark Cookson, AJ DeFelice, Amy Fortier, Jacqueline Griggs, Emma Hadden, Isabelle Hall, Lia Hammond, Eli Hoffer, Da-Shih Hu, Margaret Hunton, Katharine Kitchel, Amye Mason, Lori Mather, Grace McKinnon, Whitney Carroll McKinnon, Danny Mello, Ken Munsey, Anna Munsey-Kano, Bob Murphy, Daniel Naranjo, Julia Pierce, Sam Powers, Mark Roux, Cameron Stevens, Olivia Swayze, Darik Velez, Barry Wenig, David Wilson


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